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Super bonder

Super bonder

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This incredible product will improve your retention & bond of your adhesive. It instantly polymerises your adhesive without shock curing it creating a sealed & flexible bond, also because it will instantly cure your adhesive it locks in the fumes and reduces sensitivity.

Instead of the usual 24 hour drying time, within 3 minutes of being applied, lash extensions are done. They can even get wet!

How to use:

– Wait 2 minutes after you have attached the last extension
– Apply 2 drops onto a microfibre brush (no need to soak)
– Wipe adhesive bonding points
– Allow drying for 3 minutes


 Maximise retention 

Works with any adhesive 

polymerises the glue without shock curing

reduces fumes & sensitivity

your clients can get there lashes wet after

Cruelty free 

shelf life unopened 24m / opened 6m

One 15ml bottle services 150-200 treatments/clients.

Ingredients  Di-water, Ethyl alcoholTitanate L 12, Alkoxsilane, Sodium Gluconate

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